Moorings Park – Diamond and Platinum Membership Events on the Cards

moorings-parkAccording to reports, Moorings Park will be holding a wide range of informational events describing the Diamond and Platinum Membership programs on 6th November, Friday and 19th November, Thursday at 11 AM at the Sheffield Theatre, Center for Healthy Living. It’s located at 132 Moorings Park Drive, Moorings Park Campus. These events will also be followed by lunch at the famous Trio restaurant.

The Diamond and Platinum Membership programs have been specifically designed to focus on people looking to make Moorings Park their home in future. The events aim to explain the experience and lifestyle at Moorings Park. It will also describe the physician services, events, activities and programs. This will help people make an informed choice.

If you want to attend the 6th November event, you need to inform the authorities by 5 PM, 2nd November, Monday. Those who want to attend the 19th November event need to inform the authorities by 5 PM, 13th November, Friday. People can call on 239-643-9111. All the information about the Diamond and Platinum Membership programs is available on

According to the data released by the company, the Platinum Membership program is expected to reach maximum capacity in the month of November. Recently, Moorings Park announced that it will be make the Diamond Membership program available to couples and individuals in the early stages of deciding their retirement plans.

It’s worth mentioning that the Diamond Membership program provides a lot of potential buyers with the same kind of benefits as the Platinum Membership program. Diamond Membership program members can also upgrade to the Platinum Membership, which guarantees future residence at Moorings Park.


Overview of Diamond and Platinum Membership Programs

It’s important to understand that the Platinum Membership is great for couples and individuals who will be taking a residency decision in the next couple of years. Both the Diamond and Platinum Membership programs are available for a one-time membership fee and monthly charge. It’s worth mentioning that the membership fees can also be applied to residency entrance fees at the Moorings Park, Grey Oaks campus or the main Moorings Park facility.

Starting from the date of your contract, the Diamond Membership fees amortizes more than 60 months. The amount can also be applied for an upgrade to the Platinum Membership. You can upgrade anytime before the amortization period of your fee.

When it comes to the benefits of the Diamond Membership program, you can enjoy wellness services at the Center for Healthy Living, which offers member-focused and resident physician-based services to improve healthcare. It takes a new approach to wellness and celebrates the positive effects of health aging process. It also offers integrated rehabilitation programs, physician services and licensed healthcare specialists.

At Moorings Park, you can enjoy physician services provided to members through the Premier Senior Healthcare Program. It offers customized healthcare on the basis of a model similar to traditional family practices. The program is also available to Diamond Membership program members without any additional charges. When appropriate, third-party billing will be associated with Medicare.

Center for Healthy Living offers a personalized strength training program and cardio, which focus on the health of aging seniors. It also aims to improve memory and cognitive abilities with extensive training. Licensed occupational, speech and physical therapists establish customized treatment plans with their physicians and patients to meet needs, requirements and budget.

As mentioned earlier, the Center for Healthy Living is home to the famous Sheffield Theatre. It’s suitable for lectures and feature films. It also has a Max-Wellness retail store and Rejuvenate Salon & Spa. The internet cafe is the perfect place to socialize. All the amenities are carefully designed to integrate relaxation, technology and luxury. This allows you to comfortably manage all aspects of your health. Additional charges may apply for spa treatment services, meals, personal trainers and more.

The Diamond Membership program provides members with access over non-residents to the Orchid Terrace Assisted Living & Memory Care Center. Members also have preferred access to the Chateau Skilled Nursing Facility. It’s worth mentioning that the Orchid Terrace offers 24-hour assistance to members. The Chateau is a Medicare certified, Gold Seal facility providing outpatient rehab, long term care and short term rehabilitation.

Some other benefits of the Diamond Membership include clubhouse privileges, lectures, social events, dining privileges and worship services. Residents can also enjoy at the main dining room, Trio restaurant and grill room. With the personal charge card, members can enjoy a lot more privileges to enjoy discounts on retail purchases.

It’s worth mentioning that the residents of Moorings Park need to undergo a proper analysis to ensure independent living. Platinum members can also choose to go through this analysis for up to 24 months, while getting an opportunity to secure a residence. According to reports, Platinum members receive a CGA or comprehensive geriatric assessment.

A comprehensive evaluation focuses on psychological, functional and medical capabilities. The CGA analyzes the various risk factors for functional and cognitive decline. It also provides various methods to improve functional well being. In addition to this, it puts together numerous processes to facilitate achieving desired goals mentioned in the plan to promote an independent lifestyle.

Some exclusive services available to all the Platinum members include a monthly spa treatment, manicures, styling, massages, pedicures, aromatherapy, personal training sessions, access to the Center for Health Living, special events, internet cafe and outpatient rehabilitation services.

It’s worth mentioning that Platinum members can also get access to various events organized at the Bower Chapel. They receive two complimentary dinners at the fine dining venues in Mooring Park. Meal credits can also be rolled over every month one time. A personal charge card gives cardholders the ability to charge meals at various dining facilities. A personal concierge service is also available to these cardholders.

Moorings Park is an accredited non-profit organization. It is a community certified by Medicare. In addition to this, it’s the only brand rated by S & P Fitch in the A+ category. Moorings Park is considered to be one of the leading retirement communities in Southwest Florida. For over 30 years,it has been a preferred choice of senior citizens and their families. Moreover, it’s the only premier Continuing Care Retirement Community in Naples.

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